We have the answers to most of your search engine optimization related questions

General Questions

What is Search Engine optimisation (SEO)?
For your website to be visible on major search engines such Google, Yahoo and MSN, a process in deployed known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This method is very feasible if you want to develop yourself as a market leader amongst your competitors and increase the traffic on your website.
Why is Search Engine optimisation important to my business?
A recent study has concluded that approximately 70% of the total populace uses the internet when it comes to searching for products and services not available in their region. These prospective customers have a buyer’s mindset where they have made up their mind to purchase the product once they find it. A well executed SEO will ensure that you are able to reach your target audience resulting you gaining higher ranking and potential leads which will increase the revenue of your website as well as the sale of your products.
Which Search engines do you work with?
RE Marketing provides expertise in SEO optimization amongst top three search engines, namely Google, Yahoo and MSN. Google is one of our top priorities when it comes to SEO because of user preference and primary choice for searching products and services they wish to use.
What is the most used search engine?
Google has established itself as the leading search engine when it comes to user choice. There is an abundance of information available on Google and to facilitate this, most browser toolbars incorporate it in their functionality to make it more accessible. It is estimated that Google almost provides 300 million searches per day.
What does page rank mean?
Page rank is a term derived by Google to ascertain link popularity for a particular website. It is a numeric value based system and rank is awarded in the scale from 0-10. Higher page rank importance is defined by the number of votes a particular website receives. This refines as to what the final rank of a website will be and Google continuously updates this process.
How long can it take to get high rankings?
High ranking depends on a number of factors which makes this question a little tricky to answer. Firstly, your site build plays a critical role in how well you will rank amongst the search rankings. It needs to have modern construction standards and a good density of selected keywords in order for it to gain a higher rank in a shorter period of time. Secondly, if there is a lack of incoming links on your website, it will not be deemed credible by a search engine and therefore won’t be able to hit the same rank as a credible website will be able to. Therefore, relevant information needs to be placed as well as meta-data and back linking needs to be done in a nifty manner as to ensure a higher rank.
How do search engines determine the ranking of my site?
Pre-SEO consultation is provided by RE-Marketing which gives you an overview of our strategy and our vision for your project. These strategies are tailor made for each of our prospective client and specifically designed to cater your requirements as well as help in getting a better rank in search engines.
What are spiders, robots and crawlers?
It is commonly understood that payment cannot be made directly to the search engines in order to gain a higher rank. However, the alternate to this Pay per Click which can be deployed if sponsored listings is your approach. RE Marketing invests a lot of time and effort in understanding your requirements and making sure that your website gains higher rank in the search engine rankings.
What are Meta keywords?
These can be defined as computer programs that are on an infinite iteration to scan the World Wide Web in an automated manner and carry out the scanning in a methodical approach. This is used by search engines to tag relevant web pages as well as logging this information into their search database for quick referencing. This means that this particular keyword needs to be spread logically as well as liberally in the content for your website as to impact the overall density for it.

Business Related Questions

Do you guarantee high rankings?
RE Marketing, along with its team of professionals sets the standard high in getting you the highest possible achievable rank for your website and the keywords that you select for your content. We are very candid with our clients and will state clearly if your current website content isn’t capable of reaching page 1 ranking. Dedicated optimization techniques are required to maintain a page 1 ranking, and we achieve these by using a number of optimization techniques that we discuss while formulating a successful execution plan for your website. The time to achieve high rankings varies on the current framework on which your site is working on and some of our clients rise meteorically in rankings because they already have a well established platform in place. Even if you don’t, we offer our expertise in this and ensure that you achieve the rank that you desire.
How do I know your SEO service does not employ an un ethical approach?
RE Marketing makes this solemn guarantee and promise that no unethical approach or techniques will be used for Search Engine Optimization. We believe in the values that we have set as the leading SEO company in Singapore and there is a no nonsense policy when it comes to adhering to our core principles. Black Hat optimization is deeply frowned upon amongst our professionals and we ensure that none of the malicious techniques such duplicating content, keyword stuffing or page jacking is practiced. Our advice to any prospective client is to search carefully before choosing an SEO firm and making sure that they adhere to organic SEO techniques which are legitimate. These malicious methods are ineffective and could also result in your website being removed from the search listings all together. We believe in a clean, legitimate business relationship and terminate any contracts in which the client tries to force us in using these methods for a quick superficial boost to his website’s ranking.