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Project Brief:


Originating in Lancashire, England over a century ago, Vimto has grown into an international household name, thanks to its uniquely refreshing flavour and some unconventional marketing campaigns along the way. Particularly popular in the Middle East during religious festivals, Vimto is has been produced in the region by Aujan Industries for many years. There are several different products within the Vimto range, cordial being the most popular.

The Challenge

Having successfully created the brand new corporate website for Aujan Industries, the drinks company did not hesitate in calling upon Traffic to build the very first online identity for Vimto in the Middle East, one of their biggest and most established brands. With no existing website in place in the Middle East, this was quite a milestone for Vimto; it was our job to build them a whole new web presence from scratch.


The aim was to successfully capture Vimto’s sense of heritage and good reputation in the Middle East; the client also expressed a wish to reach larger audiences and to communicate more effectively with the Internet generation. The job called for a website that would be visually stimulating, with engaging content that would appeal to a young audience.


Traffic was keen that Vimto’s Internet debut matched the greatness of the brand itself, so we went the extra mile to make sure they arrived in style. A visit to Vimto’s new website, made by Traffic, shows in an instant that we succeeded not only in fulfilling the criteria defined by the client, but also the goals our team set itself to create something extra special.

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