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Google search results are the most comprehensive way to gauge whether your website comes up on Google results. But if it doesn’t, the presence of your website will be practically non-existent. The tool that you need for this purpose is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which will make sure that it brings visibility and draw traffic to your website. We being the leaders of Singapore’s SEO companies, specialize in this domain.

Search ranking improvement is guaranteed by our expertise and SEO services in Singapore. This includes all the biggest search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our aim is to make sure that your website always comes up in the top search results whenever a query related to your website is made. At the beginning of the project, the basis of our Singapore SEO experts’ optimization strategy is to robustly analyze the market and its corresponding niche. We make sure that all our techniques provide effective results as well follow the industry standards.

"The key is to make sure that every time your product or service is searched, it has the visibility to be found in the search rankings."

Being the top ranked SEO Singapore firm, we assist in:

SEO Analysis and Strategy

Google search results are the most comprehensive way to gauge whether your website comes up on Google results. But if it doesn’t, the presence of your website will be practically non-existent. The tool that you need for this purpose is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which will make sure that it brings visibility and draw traffic to your website. We being the leaders of Singapore’s SEO companies, specialize in this domain.

SEO research based on keywords​

Keyword research forms a very crucial part of the SEO strategy. To put in technical terms, it involves analyzing search patterns, market perception and relevancy of keywords. To put it succinctly; establish the basis of SEO on the right things and you can develop a firm base. Put it wrongly and your business will become a never ending money pit. We, at RE Marketing, are specialist in keyword research. Strategizing and developing market insight is one of our specialty and we make sure that things begin with the right way and method. RE Marketing ensures that you get the best possible results in terms of revenue as well as traffic.

Competitor analysis

Understanding your competition is very important and crucial in making sure you are in the game. That involves understanding back link profiles, auditing the content as well as profiling the domain your competitors are using. RE Marketing, being one of the top Singapore SEO firm specializes in Competitor Analysis and makes sure you are a step ahead of your competition in every stage of your game. We are a blend of being flashy as well as nifty in our approach to draw traffic to your website.

On site SEO

Once the selection of the right keywords and the analysis of the market is made, the next step is to make use of that information and churn it into something workable and marketable. This is the key of success. RE Marketing ensures that the keywords you choose match with your target pages and improve the perception of your website. Our strategy is based upon enhancing the accessibility of your website as well as improves the loading time and the overall structure of it.

Off site SEO

Offsite SEO tips and tricks are another nifty method via which you can improve the rank of your website. Building links, as we like to refer to it in RE Marketing is an art. It isn’t rocket science but it takes years to understand the gist of it and ensure that the links you place at credible sources or the guests blogs written actually do good for your website rather than harming its rank.

Search optimization is the most cost-effective way of marketing or products and services

Defining Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By the definition of Wikipedia, SEO is termed as optimization solutions which are used to improve the traffic flow to a particular website. These can be either natural or algorithmic methods.

For the layman, it can be defined as getting the rank of your website to improve in major search engine results such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Down the Memory Lane

Before the advent of search engines, the Internet generally was a collection of sites termed as File Transfer Protocol (FTP) in which users were able to exchange their data. With the progress in technology and centralized web servers becoming a part of the web, the Internet has exploded in terms of advancement and become a hub for accessing information for all around the globe. The organization and categorization of this data lead to the concept of search engines which would be able to rank the web pages according to the relevance of your keyword search.

The basis of search engine was laid by Alan Emtage from McGill University who developed Archie in 1990. The main purpose of this search engine was to organize the data in such a manner that it was easy to access and locate. This provided the foundation on which further search engines were developed to explore the myriad of information available on the World Wide Web. The major search engines that are in use today were developed during the period of 1993 to 1998.

The year was 1994 when different firms started to experiment with the concept of Search Engine Optimization. Early focus of such companies was on a process called submission. However, the way forward changed completely within a year when automated submission software started to hit the market. As with advancement in technology, this also gave birth to the ugly concept of spam based on over-submission. Search Engines quickly realized the potential threat spam posed and new ranking techniques were developed to curtail the effects of spam on genuine results. Web site optimizers developed new ranking algorithms for data processing. However, a small portion of the SEO remains to be involved in mass submissions which are generally frowned upon and considered unethical. This might bring in high quantities of traffic but majority of it is low quality and non sustainable. Ethical SEO companies, like RE Marketing develop a mutual understanding with search engines and become partner sites in order to guarantee high quality traffic that is retainable.

What are the benefits of SEO for your business?

Offsite SEO tips and tricks are another nifty method via which you can improve the rank of your website. Building links, as we like to refer to it in RE Marketing is an art. It isn’t rocket science but it takes years to understand the gist of it and ensure that the links you place at credible sources or the guests blogs written actually do good for your website rather than harming its rank.

The product or service that you are selling will be more marketable and gain recognition with our SEO techniques.

Your product or service will sell more meaning you will earn more profit.

Requests generated for your website will be directed towards files and pages that have been streamlined to reduce the burden of server requests ensuring that your website loads quickly and efficiently.

Independent of browser usage, your website will be accessible in the same manner across all platforms whether it is Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Observing basic optimisation guidelines should mean that visitors have a more pleasant user experience.

SEO will ensure that traffic generated for your website is relevant to what the general populace is looking for. The keywords they enter directly hit up your website in ranking pushing traffic towards your product.

Whereas revenues generated via PPC (Pay per Click) are unstable and variable, SEO enables you to establish your website as a key player in the market.

Round the clock promotional and marketing optimization making sure that your web page is up to date with the latest SEO techniques and its benefits.

While marketing techniques are generally expensive, SEO is one of the most affordable ways to market your product or service.

Whenever a relevant keyword is searched in a Search Engine, we make sure that by SEO, your website comes up in the top ranking to ensure its presence amongst the top results.

RE Marketing also focuses on how to make the user experience more comfortable and convenience so that the user remembers the product or service that you are offering.

At RE Marketing, we leave nothing to chance; a scientific approach is applied at every level of our SEO work

Search Engine Optimization in a nutshell

Your business will be maximized by the strategies we deploy at RE Marketing to increase your revenue and traffic.

Combining SEO And PPC: Is It Effective?

A team working in tandem is always more effective as compared to a singular approach. SEO and PPC are highly effective when deployed together since benefits of both the techniques complement one another.

Let’s go through some reasons why SEO and PPC should be used in tandem:

Exposure - Exposure is very important when it comes to getting your product or service recognized. Using a blend of PPC and SEO will ensure that you reach your desired results. Some people, after achieving the top ranking stop using PPC to cut down on their costs. However, PPC is a great tool for definite exposure that can’t be guaranteed with SEO optimization. Therefore, both strategies, in their optimized limit should be deployed for maximum exposure.

Find the best keywords - Keywords are the basis for PPC advertisements and recognizing the keywords that makes traffic tick towards your website is very crucial in your success. Once these keywords are identified, they can also be used for SEO optimization which will in turn grant higher ranking to your page in search engine results.

Improve conversion rate - Gauging results for your PPC campaign is easy since you would be able to ascertain the success of your chosen keywords with the amount of traffic directed towards your website. You can then either change the keywords or use the successful keywords in your SEO campaign.

Boost eCommerce site sales - There is an option to include product information and its reviews in PPC advertisements. These clickable advertisements will lead the prospective client directly to a page where they can read previous reviews and purchase the product directly without having to haggle over the little details.

Fight bad publicity - All publicity isn’t good publicity. Any negative impressions made for your service or product can be fought off effectively if you know how to use PPC ads to your advantage. Take the example of Gulf Oil Spill. They deployed a method in which anyone searching with the keywords “oil spill” was directed towards PPCs that lead to their contribution and efforts in cleaning up the mess and preventive measures being taken to stop it from happening again. Therefore, the image you create is very crucial and hinges on the success of your PPC ads.

Ads on Social Media Sites - Social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook are effective niches where your PPC advertisement can thrive. Millions of people use these platforms and by placing your PPC ads here, you are guaranteed to target a huge audience that might not be available on search engines.

Evaluate keyword effectiveness on SEO with PPC - This has been mentioned countless times due to its importance but we will state this here once again; effectiveness of a keyword can be gauged using PPC ads and the traffic it derives once the ad is released. These keywords act as a benchmark for any future optimization technique since you would have an idea of the effectiveness of that particular keyword. This keyword, in turn can then be used for SEO optimization techniques. It is also faster to get the result of PPC ads than SEO campaigns. You may test a keyword used on your SEO campaign with PPC to immediately determine its success. If the result is good, you may continue using it on your SEO campaigns, as well as PPC ads. If not, you can look for better keywords to use.

Brand Awareness is hugely improved by using effective PPC techniques

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

We have the answers to most of your search engine optimization related questions

For your website to be visible on major search engines such Google, Yahoo and MSN, a process in deployed known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This method is very feasible if you want to develop yourself as a market leader amongst your competitors and increase the traffic on your website.

A recent study has concluded that approximately 70% of the total populace uses the internet when it comes to searching for products and services not available in their region. These prospective customers have a buyer’s mindset where they have made up their mind to purchase the product once they find it. A well executed SEO will ensure that you are able to reach your target audience resulting you gaining higher ranking and potential leads which will increase the revenue of your website as well as the sale of your products.

RE Marketing provides expertise in SEO optimization amongst top three search engines, namely Google, Yahoo and MSN. Google is one of our top priorities when it comes to SEO because of user preference and primary choice for searching products and services they wish to use.
Google has established itself as the leading search engine when it comes to user choice. There is an abundance of information available on Google and to facilitate this, most browser toolbars incorporate it in their functionality to make it more accessible. It is estimated that Google almost provides 300 million searches per day.
Page rank is a term derived by Google to ascertain link popularity for a particular website. It is a numeric value based system and rank is awarded in the scale from 0-10. Higher page rank importance is defined by the number of votes a particular website receives. This refines as to what the final rank of a website will be and Google continuously updates this process.
High ranking depends on a number of factors which makes this question a little tricky to answer. Firstly, your site build plays a critical role in how well you will rank amongst the search rankings. It needs to have modern construction standards and a good density of selected keywords in order for it to gain a higher rank in a shorter period of time. Secondly, if there is a lack of incoming links on your website, it will not be deemed credible by a search engine and therefore won’t be able to hit the same rank as a credible website will be able to. Therefore, relevant information needs to be placed as well as meta-data and back linking needs to be done in a nifty manner as to ensure a higher rank.
Pre-SEO consultation is provided by RE-Marketing which gives you an overview of our strategy and our vision for your project. These strategies are tailor made for each of our prospective client and specifically designed to cater your requirements as well as help in getting a better rank in search engines.

It is commonly understood that payment cannot be made directly to the search engines in order to gain a higher rank. However, the alternate to this Pay per Click which can be deployed if sponsored listings is your approach. RE Marketing invests a lot of time and effort in understanding your requirements and making sure that your website gains higher rank in the search engine rankings.

These can be defined as computer programs that are on an infinite iteration to scan the World Wide Web in an automated manner and carry out the scanning in a methodical approach. This is used by search engines to tag relevant web pages as well as logging this information into their search database for quick referencing. This means that this particular keyword needs to be spread logically as well as liberally in the content for your website as to impact the overall density for it.

RE Marketing, along with its team of professionals sets the standard high in getting you the highest possible achievable rank for your website and the keywords that you select for your content. We are very candid with our clients and will state clearly if your current website content isn’t capable of reaching page 1 ranking. Dedicated optimization techniques are required to maintain a page 1 ranking, and we achieve these by using a number of optimization techniques that we discuss while formulating a successful execution plan for your website. The time to achieve high rankings varies on the current framework on which your site is working on and some of our clients rise meteorically in rankings because they already have a well established platform in place. Even if you don’t, we offer our expertise in this and ensure that you achieve the rank that you desire.

RE Marketing makes this solemn guarantee and promise that no unethical approach or techniques will be used for Search Engine Optimization. We believe in the values that we have set as the leading SEO company in Singapore and there is a no nonsense policy when it comes to adhering to our core principles. Black Hat optimization is deeply frowned upon amongst our professionals and we ensure that none of the malicious techniques such duplicating content, keyword stuffing or page jacking is practiced. Our advice to any prospective client is to search carefully before choosing an SEO firm and making sure that they adhere to organic SEO techniques which are legitimate. These malicious methods are ineffective and could also result in your website being removed from the search listings all together. We believe in a clean, legitimate business relationship and terminate any contracts in which the client tries to force us in using these methods for a quick superficial boost to his website’s ranking.

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