Case Study: MontAzure Community

Project Brief:


Mont Azure are large real estate developer backed by a number of Thailand and Asia largest VCs and development companies. They are offering prime beach-front condominiums starting from 250,000 USD up to 3M USD, expecting full completion in 2019. These are complicated by their luxury villa range which start from 7.5M USD.

The Challenge

Highly competitor online industry, with large international portals, regional brand names and long established online local agencies all in the same field. Large supply of new real estate and condominium projects across the island and aim for the client is stand above with a premium product and marketing reach that ensure maximum exposure.


Barbican’s established target audience is Middle Eastern males between the ages of 18 and 30 years; our remit was to create a new website capable of reaching this demographic while also being able to communicate with a new wider audience. Another important element to the site was to make a strong feature of the drink’s newly launched bottle design, which we ran throughout the website.


Full redesign and redevelopment of their website – ensuring all key selling points, information and optimized for highest number of conversions (custom enquiries) were implemented including a Phuket Property News section. Identify key digital marketing and allocate budget to each, setup pay per click campaigns, structure SEO and optimized site to reach maximum number of buyers.


Initial feedback from was very positive. PPC campaign started in 2016 receiving a large number of enquiries and emails with interest in property purchases. Turning the digital marketing side of their business into their best ROI in terms of customer acquisition. Monthly spend and budget has increased to drive more traffic, leads and awareness.

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