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What is pay per click (PPC) advertising?

A marketing tool which offers instant results, the concept of PPC is relatively simple and easy to understand. It does, however, require insight and considerable skill to make it into a profitable venture. RE Marketing have professionals that specifically specialize in PPC advertising. Irrespective of your war-chest or budget, ads placed on Google need only to be paid for if prospective users click on your ads. That is also the fundamental statement for Google Adwords. The concept is that advertisers pay to display their ads on popular search engines but only need to pay once their ad is clicked on. Majority of search engines have their own PPC services that you can avail if you wish to display your advertisement. This is especially a good technique if you have limited time and you require quick punchy results for your website. Famous PPC services include Google Adwords, Microsoft Bing ads and Yahoo Search Marketing. Our professionals will make sure that when a user searches for a relevant keyword to your website, a sponsored ad pops up in the search results which promote your service or product.

Traffic pay per click marketing explained

RE Marketing has a team of experienced PPC marketing experts who cater to your needs in a very detailed manner. Being diligent and market savvy, we understand that wrongly implemented PPC can quickly bog down your marketing budget. Based in Singapore, we provide quality and one of the best SEO services in Singapore to make sure that your product or service is advertised the way it should be without letting a single dime go to waste.

Let’s go through the basics of PPC:

Market research

The most important thing is to understand the consumer and the search patterns involved with a general customer perception. RE Marketing takes pride in taking the time to understand your business first and then suggesting optimization techniques that will help you with boosting traffic patterns to your website. We firmly believe that better is our research and knowledge of your product, the more effective will be the PPC results.

Keyword research

Similar to SEO marketing, keyword research plays an important and critical role in PPC marketing. The reason behind this is that we need to convert the volumes of traffic into useful traffic for your website, one that potentially leads to revenue. RE Marketing is in possession of advanced skills as well as equipped with tools which help analyze search volume and searcher intent to come up with keywords that guarantees PPC value.

Account & campaign creation

The process of Adwords starts with creation of Google Adwords account which is a simple, easy to follow process. We will walk you through the whole concept while also aiding you understand the Adwords’ Starter Edition which is a default scheme used by first time advertisers. We can also facilitate your movement towards the Standard Edition if you wish to do so.

A/B testing

Being the leading PPC Company in Singapore, RE Marketing doesn’t just focus on putting up advertisements for your website. Our motto is to maximize performance by split testing ads and our professionals are constantly monitoring the cost per click score.

Landing page optimization

RE Marketing also ensures and watches over the lead generation process which is linked to a user clicking on the advertisement placed via PPC. This lead generation is equivalent to paying Google a certain amount for each click made for your advertisement.

Lead generation

As your ads will appear only on the relevant search queries, the users may click on your ad leading to an ultimate lead generation and conversion. Every time a user clicks on your ad, you pay Google a certain amount.


To summarize between PPC and SEO, PPC will guarantee you faster results and your webpage has a higher probability of being on the top of the pages of Google. Consider a scenario in which your current ranking is very low and you would like an immediate boost to the web traffic for your website. This is exactly the situation in which PPC can be highly beneficial. However, there are catches to PPC. Firstly, the results can be short lived since the advertisement ceases to function as soon as you stop paying for the advertisement. Secondly, it is more expensive as compared to SEO. RE Marketing uses a blend of PPC and SEO to kick start your campaign so that there is minimum reliance on one single technique. The effects are more beneficial, cost effective as well as long lasting.

RE Marketing ensures that your PPC campaign is effective and efficient in its approach.

Our Main Goal is to ensure that your sales increase which will in turn boost your overall revenue.

One such tool is PPC, or Pay per click, which ensures that your product or service comes up as an advertisement in the search engine listing whenever a relevant keyword search is made.

The advantages of using pay per click advertising in your business strategy

If you are just starting your business and you don’t have much budget for your online marketing campaign, PPC is a great option. Creating a PPC ad is easy to do. Plus, you can decide on the amount that you are willing to spend on the campaign.
Since PPC possesses a targeted approach, you have a higher chance of reaching your target audience. This means that you will be able to generate more revenue once you target the clients that are actually interested in your product or services.
Rank maintenance is guaranteed with PPC as the advertisements will always pop up in search engine results ensuring that your website comes up to be at the top of the rankings.
Inclusion of high priority keywords is possible using PPC which derives better and faster results as compared to other optimization techniques.
PPC is sometimes referred to as testing the water technique in which you can try and check different keywords and the results they have on the overall rank of your page. This can help in devising better optimization methods since you would have prior feedback about the initial keywords used in PPC which in turn leads to better marketing of your product or your service.
PPC is known to improve ranking of your product or service considerably and in a shorter span due to the ad placement technique. Traffic generation is easier since platforms such as Google Adwords are interconnected with one another which help in reaching the target audience without any difficulty. Convenience is one of the biggest advantages of PPC since the results are often fast and they develop a foundation on which you can further base your optimization techniques. Minimal risk is involved since you only have to pay for those advertisements that have been clicked by prospective clients searching for your product or service.
To reach your target audience as well as the prospective clients for your product, Pay per click services such as Google Adwords and Overture are often linked with numerous advertising networks as well as search engines. This also facilitates in directing traffic to your website. This process can also be taken up by firms that specialize in Search Engine Optimization. It is well established fact PPC ads are cost effective as well as beneficial. Results are often derived quickly and the convenience with which they can be placed definitely gives you an edge when optimizing your strategy. The ease with which they can be modified according to the needs also makes them a favorable option in Search Engine Optimization. Minimal risk is involved as you only pay for the ads that have been clicked on by prospective users and your marketing campaign only needs to be savvy in placing these ads where they have the maximum effect.

Driving traffic to your website is our aim and we ensure that you develop yourself as a key market player by deploying effective PPC techniques.

Management Services Related To PPC

If you wish to increase the traffic volume for your website, RE Marketing has ample experience complemented with the nifty tricks that will guarantee a startup which rakes in revenue for you.

We specialize in optimizing your brand and marketing your product in such a manner that it is able to target clients on a larger scale. Committed to perform and excel in the SEO market of Singapore, RE Marketing can be the game changer that is required for your service or product. With our wide array of services including PPC, keyword analysis and market research, we make sure that quality traffic lands at your website at very convenient and reasonable charges.

RE Marketing has years of experience under its belt which makes it the leading SEO company in Singapore. We aim to exceed our customer satisfaction without compromising on the quality of traffic that is lead to your service or product.

Assistance in the following domains can be provided by our PPC department:

What to expect from our Pay-Per-Click management service:

Guarantee a high rate of return for your service or product.

Lead Generation Based On PPC

Why PPC is effective in lead generation?

Leads are generated with the help of an online marketing tool referred to as PPC or Pay per Click. This lets you target potential clients as well as monitor results for the advertisements placed on search engines for your website. Conversion rate is significantly improved with this technique and over spending is ruled out because you only for the advertisements that have been clicked on by prospective clients.

The first step while creating a PPC ad is to enter the required keywords for your advertisement. These keywords are the terms which you think will be used by prospective clients while searching for a specific service or product on a search engine. When a user will search for this particular keyword, a small advertisement, linking to your website will be displayed in the search results shown by the search engine. Clicking on this advertisement will lead the user to your website. Therefore, usage of correct and relevant keywords is very critical while designing PPC advertisement to ensure a healthy traffic diversion towards your website.
Like advertisements shown on the TV, majority of ads will pop up in the search engine results even if the user hasn’t specifically queried for it. This can be sometimes be irksome for the user, and lead to frustration and overall bias towards the product you are trying to market. PPC is completely different to this concept. Ads will only be displayed if they match the keyword query being searched by the user so that he doesn’t get bombarded with irrelevant ads in the first place. Also, users are given the liberty on which ads to click upon without any binding or compulsion. PPC ensures that you are able to reach a larger target audience which is relevant to the product or service they are looking for. Since these ads are located at the top of the search engine results, general user perception for these ads is trustworthy and they are attracted to a PPC advertisement if it matches to what they are looking for resulting in lead generation.

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