Steps to take for a successful website redesign project


Once you have made up your mind to give your website a revamped look and start afresh with your online business, there are a couple of basic principles that you must adhere to in order to achieve the goals and objectives you have in mind. The first important thing is to have a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. Do not react if you think that your competitor has a better website which is more appealing to the general populace. Competitiveness is important for survival in any business, but being strategic and landing the blow when it has the maximum impact is more critical. This means that rather than a complete revamp, you should analyze and weed out improvement areas for your business first. However, if you get the feeling that your website is failing to draw traffic to your website and is unable to advertise the products like it should do, it is high time to go for a complete revamp of your website to make it live up to its potential.

The following considerations will enable you to achieve your business goals through the redesign or upgrade of your website:

1. Current Site Analysis

Your first and foremost analysis should be based on what your website is lacking. Is it the design that is too dull and unappealing or is it the lack of the website being easy to understand and follow? Are there any flaws in the code which lead to illogical linking and the prospective user being confused and frustrated in getting to the place where he wants to be? Is the website running on an older version and requires updates and content additions? All these questions must be analyzed and answered before embarking on a redesign project for your website.

2. Make your new site bring you high returns

The second and most critical rule that you need to follow is make sure that your online business turns into a profitable venture rather than a sinkhole which gulps up all your funds and resources. The rate of return will also depend on the type of product being marketed as well as the industry you deal in. All these factors are very critical when it comes to making sure that your business is always running in the positive side of the graph.

3. Decision on the right site type for you.

Commercial interest websites are divided into two categories with respect to tangible returns. The internet has a myriad of websites when it comes to getting the message across. Let’s glace at the two categories that have been mentioned previously:

These websites types are:

A. The information provider

Traditional businesses have also started to appear on the web to give them access to a larger market base. This is because the World Wide Web is a very powerful marketing tool. These types of websites are purely based on information and their sole aim is to attract customers based on the information present on the website. Such a business model is profitable once a prospective user is able to locate the product he needs and purchases it on the information present on the website. Usually such websites will be full of pictorial references, images and videos to better educate the client and grab his attention. Also, there might be an enquiry form where the client can leave his or her information so that the company can contact this person later and try to coax them into buying one of their products.

B. The active returns generator

The second type of websites is based on businesses which use their platform to generate profit on revenue. Such websites usually use advanced transaction tools such as modern CRM tools or user registration accounts. Usually such websites keep track of advance transactional methods which are responsible for online buying and selling. RE Marketing encourages its clients to approach a methodical approach by first becoming a type A web business and then following into a type B business. This is because your business will first align itself into one business model, get settled into it and then move to the second one allowing it to make stronger foundation to build upon.

The RE Marketing Way:

RE Marketing always guides prospective clients in a manner which helps them get returns out of their businesses. Our fundamental approach is to make sure that your business turns into a profitable venture.

This can be molded into:

  • Making sure that tangible value is added.
  • Business model must be profitable.
  • An increase in client or customer based information for your business.
  • A cost efficient approach in which the whole model becomes more IT centric and depends less or human resource. This reduces the cost as well as gives your business a more optimized approach.

The internet has made it crucial that websites are seen as an asset for any business and many companies have started to realize the importance of having a well optimized website. Therefore, major SEO activities are being embarked by businesses who wish to be a step ahead in the game. These reconstructions are done within the context of a marketing strategy which is suitable for the internet.